One to one sessions


Being able to generate more and better ideas lies at the core of many things.

These sessions are especially useful for people who are struggling with a existing issue or who would like to explore new possibilities or ways of doing things in their work or personal lives in a one to one, confidential setting.

What you get

These sessions are by their nature very free form and interactive. They develop depending on your individual needs and thought processes during the session. Having said that they are likely to include all or some of:

  • discovering in more detail what you would like from the session
  • introducing you to an idea generation technique
  • giving you time to practise the technique on an abstract problem
  • allowing you to apply the technique to one of your real world issues
  • helping you develop a plan to take the ideas you have generated forward

Not sure what you are getting?

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Don’t know if it will be any good?

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Cost per session

  • £185 (GBP)
  • € 205 (EUR)
  • $ 240 (USD)
  • C$ 320 (CAD)
  • A$ 340 (AUD)

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