Barriers: Where not How

#CreativityHacks #8

One of the biggest barriers to idea generation is how we focus on the barriers.

If I want to achieve something then my mind seems to have a remarkable ability to come up with reasons why it will never work.

If I focus on how I am going to get where I want to be then my creative abilities seem to collapse in a heap.

Then I realise that I will be learning things on the way and that some of the barriers I have invented will be much easier to resolve. I also try to focus on the ideas that some of these barriers are figments of my imagination or that by the time I get to the barrier it might have disappeared.

When I try to set aside my thinking about the barriers and focus on where I am to get to the ideas start to flow, usually so quickly that I hardly have time to write them down.

Looking at what I want to achieve seems much, much easier and much more fun.

So what I am saying is focus on the where not the how.