Private workshops for Organisations

Distance learning idea generation workshop


Being able to generate more and better ideas lies at the core of many things.

For organisations this could mean new products, new services, better ways of doing things, solving tricky problems, diversifying from your competition, more effective and fulfilled teams and spotting more business opportunities to mention but a few.

If you or your team were more creative would this improve your companies growth?

If your staff were more creative what might that be like?

For individuals this means being able to explore new possibilities and ways of doing things in your work and personal life, better promotion prospects etc. It means being able to explore your true purpose. It means being more productive and happier.

And so much more!

What you get

  • 8 video conferencing sessions lasting about an hour each (but allocate a little extra time so we don’t need to cut short discussion)
  • Exercises between sessions to help embed the learning and practice techniques
  • Private blog for the organisation or team so that delegates can share their experiences and ideas
  • Times to suit you (preferably about 1 week between sessions)
  • Minimum 4 people, Maximum 10
  • Time to practise what is learned in group or individual breakouts
  • Free PDF version of ‘A Book about Ideas’ for delegates
  • Other resources

Not sure what you are getting?

Drop me an email at and we can organise a chat on line

Don’t know if it will be any good?

Why not try out a free one hour sample session for yourself or a group of up to 4 people?

Just send me an email at: and we can organise a time and date.


  • £ 5,750 (GBP)
  • € 6,400 (EUR)
  • $ 7,550 (USD)
  • C$ 9,950 (CAD)
  • A$ 10,500 (AUD)
  • For costs in other currencies please drop me an email.

Want to organise a workshop for your organisation or team?

Email and I will send you details and organise times and dates.

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